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27 10 2006

MySpace Updates

long time y'all. i have been working double time in the lab. lots of emotions. using the music to set me free. having thoughts on a new album title. TUT2 is still the title for now, but a couple other titles are trying to force their way in right now. never know. all of this time just brewing. something explosive better come of it right? fucking right.


13 05 2006

All Bizkit's Music Videos!!

All Bizkit's Music Videos!!
Yeah BABE!!.. We have updated our FTP server!
and we want to give y'all most of all Limp Bizkit's videos
All the videos (most of all) in SVCD quallity
Collection you must have!! Babe..... =)
[thanx to d2k for the videos and DeadFist for sour]

LBF loves ya =) To download all the videos click *read more..*

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12 05 2006

New Tracks 'n' Stuff

Well.. Hi there =) You can download some new tracks from Fred Durst and Dj Lethal. Yeah, and don't forget to check out Fred's mySpace page at: to read all the Fred's posts in his blog... You can visit Dj Lethal's mySpace page also -

Download the new tracks from our FTP server:
When It Rains (for the ladies)           Relentless (w/ vocals)
Space Invader Interlude           Unacceptable Interlude

16 03 2006

Final Statement

"People keep asking me to make a final "statement" about LB, so this is it. I will answer questions after this from time to time, but I have really said as much as I can on the issue at this point (including an interview I just did with about Black Light Burns, and a little about LB), I cannot answer every individual question you guys ask, because almost every message I get contains many specific questions and it would be arduous work to answer every one of them, especially during a time in which my head needs to be focused on getting the BLB record out and getting ehearsals started for tour.

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14 03 2006

Wes' answer

"For those of you who don't know, I've recently made some statements in the last blog about Limp Bizkit that have pissed some people off. I am going to post them below all together in one place so that you can check them out. The other blog was getting confusing. I need to let you all know that although I'm telling you as much as I can, there is a history here that nobody can fully understand unless they lived it, and there are relationships here that are complicated and have a lot of baggage tied to them. You would not know me if it weren't for them...

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14 03 2006

Wes' post

"ook, this has got to end/come to a head at some point. Why don't we just do it now? I did not like that Bizkit record I wasn't on. I didn't really like any other Bizkit record very much except 3 dollar bill and I have never listened to one of our records after we finished it, and I couldn't care less about making another record with that band, and I don't care about Mike Smith. I am not speaking in an "angry tone" right now. I know that one's attitude through text can be misunderstood, and I am not having a bad or negative attitude right now...

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05 03 2006

New Site and Population 436

Here we have a new mega post made by Fred on Population 436 trailer, and read more about the movie.
New limp bizkit site is coming soon too.

I just want you people to know, we all need to talk about new album, we all need to post about it everywhere. We need to talk about it everytime... And maybe they'll think about it... you know..
We want new album!!!


14 02 2006

Lethal, Sam, Fred & of course Leyla...

A bit of news bout Lee, Sam and Fred's "marriage".

Lethal has finished a work with Darryl “DMC” McDaniels on his first ever solo album "Checks Thugs and Rock ‘n Roll" on RomenMpire Records/From Rags 2 Riches Records, wich will be release on march 14. Here's the list of people, who were guest on the record, like Lee...

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03 02 2006

Terremoto Festival 2003

Back to 2003. is got something for us. And that 'something' is the full show at Terremoto in Germany. Running time: 17 minutes and 35 seconds. Three songs were played at this show: Faith, Take A Look Around and Nookie. You can watch it right here. But (!), if you have problems with German language or any problems with =), we have another way for you. Check out the read more...

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02 02 2006

Wes relevations...

"I AM Limp Bizkit as much as anybody else in that band is. I built that band and I DO care about it, but I care about MUSIC more than I care about who I'm making it with. "
Couple of new posts from Wes, where he talks about LB. One of those news wich most of us wouldn't want to hear though, in some way. Cause Limp Bizkit are taking a break. Here is the few posts from Wes on MySpace...

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