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25 01 2006

News from Fred and sample from Black Light Burns

There is a HUGE message from Fred at Here it is:
"Go ahead and cook the rice. I am not engaged to anyone.
Where do they come up with this crap?"
That means actually, that he's not going to merry Leyla Bearman or whatever. =)

And there is a sample called "Cruel melody" from Black Light Burns at Check this out: (Thanks to Cameltosis).


12 01 2006

Durst Kick Starts Movie Plans

News from LIMP BIZKIT rocker FRED DURST is releasing a short movie with the band's next album, in a bid to kickstart his directing career. The singer is a closet film enthusiast and recently claimed his commitment to the band had prevented him from moving into movies full-time. He says of the new film - which will be released in conjunction with May's (06) THE UNQUESTIONABLE TRUTH (PART 1) - "It's a 30-minute short film, and Wes (Borland) and

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08 01 2006

Fred Durst To Wed

Thats right! =)Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst is set to try marriage for a second time after proposing to his girlfriend Leyla Bearman last week.
The rocker previously wed Rachel Tergesen in 1990. The marriage ended in divorce.
The singer has two children - daughter Adriana from his marriage to Tergesen and a son Dallas, 4, from his relationship with Jennifer Thayer.


29 12 2005

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! So whassup?! Two days left for the 2006, and i would like to say "Happy fucking New Year, pps!". I hope every one of you WILL get what he/she whants from 2006, if you didn't get it from 2005. 8) 2005 give us a lot of good thingz and a lot of shit, but no way it's going to happen to 2006! :) Limp Bizkit will favour us with 2 absolutely new albums and will came in your country! =) Anyway, whatta shity New Year, if you don't get a present?! Our Santa duke (a.k.a d2k) is here and he won't let it happen! Check out the read more.. =))

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26 12 2005

Fred Durst movie director?

Fred Durst is going to be a director. Limp bizkit frontman is working on two projects at the moment, but he don't want to talk about it.
The rumored names are "Life without Joe", and it supposed to be a thriller. And the second one is a drama "Run". In the interview to MTV Germany he said that he always were interested in movies, his music carreer "just got between it".

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24 12 2005

Interview with Fred

Here is a Blender aricle with Fred Durst
Who Does Fred Durst Think He Is?
The 35-year-old limpbizkit frontman has traded red caps and nookie for quality time with his son, and a nascent weed habit. Your self-portrait looks deep. Can you decode it for us? Inside the head are two aliens � Dallas, my 3-year-old son, and me. We’re standing on an octave that’s basically my mouth, meaning I want

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23 12 2005

From First To Last Are Done With Wes Borland

"Ross is a really good friend, and he asked me to come play bass on the record, and I just loved it," Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland said. "I think it's really going to break them out of the emo/screamo genre that they're in. Its cool stuff, and they're really talented guys and real young. I felt like a geezer around them. I did it up and played all the bass and wrote a bunch of bass parts and wrote a song with them."

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16 12 2005

More Videos

Here we go again. Thanks to d2k and serg =)
2 Videos from Pepsi Smash : Almost Over and Faith


15 12 2005

Oh yeah babe =)

At a recent Limp Bizkit concert, lead shouter Fred Durst, before playing a cover of the Who's "Behind Blue Eyes," addressed not only the audience physically present but also the inevitable hordes of digital eavesdroppers.

"Hope you guys are feeling good at home on your computers," said Durst, referring to the individuals who, at some future date, would stumble across a digital bootlegged version of the song while illegally downloading music.


15 12 2005


Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit fame has signed on to play bass for From First To Last at a number of their upcoming live dates. More on that can be found at The group have a new Ross Robinson (Glassjaw, Slipknot) produced album coming out next year which Borland is said to have helped out on bass duties for as well.


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