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05 11 2005

Soon ;)

Here's what the album looks like.
Besides that, we'll have a hosting for video soon (thanks to our member d2k), and there will be 3 rare videos uploaded. So keep it in mind and stay tuned =))
UPDATE : New links for Lean on Me and Why. Here and here

by Skiller

05 11 2005

Lean on Me & GH E-Card

"Lean on Me" is leaked! Download. You can aslo download "Why?" in the album quality (here). In other news, recently was launched E-Card Greatest Hits web-page...

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29 10 2005

Sam`s projects & GH has posted some interest info about Sam:
Sam Rivers has been working with local bands from the Jacksonville, Florida area, which is limpbizkits hometown. Burn Season is the first band which Sam has worked with for quite some time now. Having known both Damien Starkey (Vocals) & Bobby Amaru (Drums) since they were both teenagers, Sam has been both a close friend & mentor to the band...

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26 10 2005


Also on is a new intro with Greatetst HitZ design, go and check it out.
The new song "Why" is leaked, you can download it here.
And Wes has published a new post on "Earlier this month I played all the bass on the new 'From First To Last' record, and will be sitting in on bass for the Halloween show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles. If you are interested in going, tickets are close to selling out if they haven't already, so go get 'em. Hope to see you there...

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25 10 2005


Universial Music Germany has posted samples of Why and Lean On Me. Here's the links:
Limp Bizkit - Why (sample)
Limp Bizkit - Lean on Me (sample)

by Skiller

25 10 2005

Cabbage patties =)

Amazon Germany says that Bittersweet Home single will be out on November 11th. It's aslo known as Home Sweet Home/Bittersweet Symphony in other countries.
Other news, Fred and Dallas visited Tony Hawk Foundation - "Stand Up For Skate Parks" action. You can see photos here. There's also a pair of big ones: Fred and Dallas & only Fred.

by Skiller

23 10 2005

Bittersweet Home video

Retail version is leaked. Download it here (37 mb). This video include different events from limp bizkit life, concerts and nowdays.


21 10 2005

Bittersweet home on the MTV

Today at 12:26 (German time) on the MTV Germany, in the Brand NEU (check the tracklist here) program, new video Limp Bizkit - Bittersweet home was shown. I haven't seen that by myself, but there's a lot of people who did. They say it's made from different footage, various concerts and RMV Bonus-DVD. I'm in shock myslef, going to search it now.
UPDATE : Here is a litle sample (11 mb).


20 10 2005

Irresponsible Hate Anthem

In the last post I wrote about the release of the SAW II soundtrack. It hasn't come out yet, but has already been leaked. Wes appears there on only one track, with Danny Lohner, and that's a remix of Marilyn Manson's "Irresponsible Hate Anthem". Download here.

by Skiller

19 10 2005


It has been announced the release date of the SAW II movie soundtrack which, as you remember, Wes has taken part in. It comes out in less than a week - 25th of October. While the movie itself comes out on the 28th (US date). You can read about this here in more details.
Besides that, has posted information about their brand new guitar in which design Wes have taken hands on (thanks to for the info). Here is it...

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