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Gabe update

A week ago, Oct 9th; Key Club, Hollywood, CA.......
Sam Rivers held a showcase for a band called Indorphine last Monday, Oct. 9th at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA. Sam flew in to LA for the show last week & we were completely blown away by Indorphine's performance. These guys have something special, and could possibly be the next system of a down (without trying to be system or sound like system). Their musicianship shines with off time breaks and very difficult time changes. These guys will be a big name in the metal world sooner or later. Just remember you heard it from Sam and I first.
Sam turned me on to this band last time I was in Jacksonville, took me to a show of theirs, and gave me their CD. After seeing them live for the first time, I became an instant fan. The energy they have on stage is comparable to limp bizkit in the beginning of their career when they first started rocking stages. This band Indorphine has something fresh in a time where bands have become stale and unoriginal. Feel free to visit their page and have a listen. Just keep in mind that seeing these guys live is the way to truly experience the world they are creating musically. So if they are performing in your town, you need to experience their talent. It's a must for all metal heads.
Keep in mind, Sam is not an A&R and is not looking for bands........this just happens to be an incredible, unsigned band that has caught his ear & he thinks all limp fans will enjoy the music Indorphine is creating. Sam will be producing their next demo, we will let you know when and how it can heard by limp fans. Go check out Indorphine's page ( & (, and keep a lookout for these talented badasses.

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