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John and His Own Group

2 New bulletins from Ottomatic
the band stereochemix is my new group i creasted... the song on my page"apocalypse"is my whole group together... this is my own new project----john otto
my new group--stereochemix ...
bigleft-vocals..., norm-drums
other musicians in band will be named later.... this is a live band with the vocalists i named including myself.... there will be guest appearences on the record,and this group is intended to go against the grain of hip-hop oriented/live music/radio bullshit heard on most radio and video stations in the present day....... the goal of this group is to be original nomatter what..... we dont give a fuck about what will be radio friendly,or trying to be accepted by the "cool"people in rap,or rock....... we are not "cooler than you"artfags either......., some groups go against the grain just to act cool.... ,this is dumb to us as well.... if not the most..... we our doing music we like that we think is original and can make its own mark to be listened to by people we think would enjoy it that feel is there is a void in creativity in most music today,which we think we can fill...... my page has the first ruff draft song of stereochemix,called"apocalypse".....the record is being worked on... even this song is not yet finished.... thanx 4 your support...... john otto(johnnyottomatic)

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